Agenda & Make Reservation

We look forward to connecting with you during Advising & Orientation. Please review important reservation information below.       

Summer/Autumn A&O Reservation Timeline

  • A&O Part 1: Access your First-year Checklist on March 1, 2024.

  • The A&O reservation system for A&O Parts 2 and 3 will launch on June 5, 2024. You must make your A&O reservation by July 1, 2024.

    • A&O Part 2 (Zoom) & A&O Part 3 (On-Campus): Make your reservation using the A&O Reservation System.

    • Course Registration: After meeting with academic advisers during the Course Registration portion of A&O Part 2, you will register for courses.


  • A&O is not a drop-in session. All first-year students are required to attend the full A&O program to register for courses. Registering for courses in the quarter you are admitted to is mandatory to remain enrolled as a UW student. 
  • Please take a moment to realistically assess your schedule to ensure you’ll be able to attend and that you’ll be able to devote your full attention to the entire program. You should not attempt to participate at work, in class, driving, or otherwise distracted. You will need your UW NetID to log into the A&O reservation system. All times are Pacific Time. 
  • Participating in an A&O session in Zoom can provide some challenges. A highly interactive session will often lessen the feeling of Zoom fatigue. To that end, we ask that during discussions, as much as reasonably possible, you please turn your camera on and participate. Examples of participation include taking notes, asking questions, completing surveys and engagement questions, and posting in the chat. 
  • Summer Session: If you are admitted for summer quarter please view our information about summer admission. You are still required to attend a complete A&O session. 

Access A&O Reservation System

Visit our FAQ website for more information about A&O. Contact our team via text/voice: 206-207-5564 or email: fyp@uw.edu if you have any additional questions.

Review Agenda & Next Steps

Once you reserve your space at A&O, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to your agenda with Zoom links that you will use to participate at A&O. 

Technology: Review technology instructions and requirements before attending A&O on our Technology Instructions for A&O website

Sample Agendas (Part 2 &3): Review A&O sample agendas to gain an idea of what your A&O sessions will look like.

Making changes to your reservation 

All changes to your A&O reservation should be made at least 10 business days before your scheduled A&O session. To make any changes to your reservation, simply log back into the A&O reservation system to select another open session. If you see that there are no other A&O sessions available to you, please log back into the A&O reservation system and complete the A&O request form.

Change A&O Reservation

If are unable to attend your scheduled A&O session within 10 business days, please email our office at fyp@uw.edu as soon as possible.