First Year Programs

Finding Your Place

You’ve passed the tests; you’ve made the grade — but how will you meet people? Which classes should you take? How will you tap into all that awaits?

College isn’t just about fitting in — it’s about finding a smaller community of people who will challenge you, and be challenged by you — a group of friends with whom you’ll discover your career. In your first year at the UW, you'll make choices that will shape the rest of your career as a student, and after you graduate.

The programs below focus on first-year transition. They will provide you with ways to shape your experience at the university and ensure that your experience fits with your interests. Introducing you to the company of a smaller group of students — people who share your interests, and people who will show you new perspectives you’ve never imagined.

If you need additional supplies or computers to assist with your transition, or in support of first-year students please complete our form to  reserve your equipment.

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