First Year Programs

About First Year Programs

View our mission statement and strategic priorities using the Sustainable Academic Business Plan. This is our framework to maintain excellence in program delivery, in light of the current drivers in our community. The plan outlines the short and long term that will sustain the work into the near future.

Our work is guided by the following methods:

  • Intentionality - We use current assessment, research, and best practices to make decisions.
  • Collaboration - We develop transparent and collaborative relationships with campus and community partners.
  • Diversity and Inclusion - We understand that all students have unique stories, and we support their individual learning paths.

First Year Programs is a part of Undergraduate Academic Affairs (UAA).  In UAA our work should be inspiring, experimental, and visionary. We develop, assess, and evaluate programming and curriculum by answering the following questions:

  • Is UAA doing the work we should be doing?
  • How are we able to be truly imaginative with this work?
  • Can we re-imagine the work in way to push the boundaries of the undergraduate student experience?