Welcome New Husky

First Year Programs helps to foster a successful undergraduate experience throughout your first year at the University of Washington. 

Students: All first-year students are required to attend Advising & Orientation. By participating at A&O, you will: 

Family Members: Students are encouraged to register their family members for the Family Orientation program. Family Orientation allows parents, partners, grandparents, and other supporters of first-year students to collect the information and skills necessary to support your student.

A&O will be delivered in a hybrid format. Review additional information about A&O format and delivery on our website. FAQ website 

Access A&O Reservation System/First Year Checklist

To learn about A&O and make your reservation, select your population below. 

Undergraduate Freshman U.S.Undergraduate Freshman U.S.
Undergraduate Freshman InternationalUndergraduate Freshman International
Undergraduate TransferUndergraduate Transfer
Family OrientationFamily Orientation
Undergraduate Returning StudentsUndergraduate Returning Students
Graduate & Postbaccalaureate StudentsGraduate & Postbaccalaureate Students

Tips for First-Year Students

Reach out to your classmates and get to know people. Not only can assignments become more manageable with a study group, but it can be really nice to have friendly faces to pass on campus.

—Noah Mason