Undergraduate Returning Student

Welcome Back to the UW! 

Undergraduate students who return to the University of Washington after more than one-quarter of absence qualify as a returning student.  

As a returning student, you are not required to attend an Advising & Orientation session, but we encourage you to follow the steps below to facilitate a smooth return.

  1. Activate UW Email and 2FA/DUO
  2. Upload Husky Card Photo
  3. Review Disability Accommodations Request Process (Academic Year)
  4. Review the Student Code of Conduct
  5. Review the UW General Immunization Requirement If you are going into a Health Sciences program ((BSN, ABSN, BASW, and MLS), please review the Health Sciences Immunization Program's (HSIP) webpage to determine if your program requires HSIP requirements instead. 
  6. Complete UW Course - Title IX: Husky Prevention & Response
  7. Complete UW Course - Alcohol e-Checkup To Go
  8. Complete UW Course - Hazing Prevention
  9. Read the Husky Guide
  10. Complete Mathematics Guided Self-placement
  11. Complete Chemistry Placement
  12. Review Housing, Financial Aid, and Community Resources
  13. Register for Classes
  14. International Students: Review ISS Returning Student Website

Advising & Your Major 

Students previously enrolled in an academic program with restricted enrollment and/or special admission requirements should consult their adviser about procedures for readmission in the same program.