Non-Matriculated//Non-Degree Students

Welcome to the UW! 

Non-Matriculated or Non-Degree enrollment at the University of Washington lets you take credit courses at the UW without being formally admitted to the university. 

Non-matriculated students are exempt from Advising & Orientation sessions and the following UW requirements. (ImmunizationTitle IX: Husky Prevention & Response, Alcohol e-Checkup To Go, or Hazing Prevention).

We encourage you to explore the following resources:  

  1. Activate UW Email and 2FA/DUO
  2. Upload Husky Card Photo
  3. Review the Student Code of Conduct
  4. Review the UW General Immunization Requirement If you are going into a Health Sciences program ((BSN, ABSN, BASW, and MLS), please review the Health Sciences Immunization Program's (HSIP) webpage to determine if your program requires HSIP requirements instead. 
  5. Review Housing, Financial Aid, and Community Resources
  6. Register for Classes as a Non-Degree seeking student
  7. International Students: Review ISS Returning Student Website