Accessibility & Accommodations

The University of Washington is committed to providing access and reasonable accommodations in its services, programs, and activities. Accommodation requests should be made at least fifteen (15) days before your First Year Programs event by completing our Special Accommodations Request form. Requests made after this time will still be reviewed, but cannot be guaranteed.  

Special Accommodations Request

To view accessible resources at First Year Program events, please review the information below.

Review information on how to navigate Advising & Orientation as a Neurodistinct Husky.  

Access to Technology at A&O

To fully participate at Remote A&O, you will need a laptop or desktop computer and internet connectivity. Please review our Technology Instructions for A&O.

Chromebooks are not recommended: Due to the various updates needed on Chromebook devices and Zoom, we do not recommend you use a Chromebook. If you do use a Chromebook, make sure that your device is updated and that you have installed the Progressive Web App for Zoom. If you have an old version of Zoom installed on your device you will need to uninstall that version in order to install the new version.

Wifi hot spots are offered in limited quantities through the Student Technology Loan Program. For information about Wifi resources, review UWIT's website on using Wi-Fi at the UW

Please submit your request as soon as possible, preferably at least 7 days before your scheduled A&O. Technology can only be shipped within the U.S. 

How to Request Technology:

  1. Visit the Student Technology Loan Program and select "Reserve"
  2. Select the exact date of your Advising & Orientation session (email stlp@uw.edu if date is unavailable)
  3. Select any macOS or Windows-based laptop computer + wi-fi hotspot (if needed)
  4. After completing the online reservation process, you will receive an email confirmation containing a link to provide your shipping information 
  5. Your equipment will arrive via UPS, approximately 1-2 days before your orientation session, and may be used for up to 7 business days

The sessions and meetings that will make up your A&O session are important to your success. Please plan to dedicate the time required for the program to concentrate solely on the sessions and meetings you are a part of. Students should not attempt to participate in the remote program while at work, in class, driving, or otherwise distracted. 

Please Note: For access to technology throughout the academic school year, you will need to complete a separate request before the start of the quarter.

Captioning at A&O

If you require captioning services at Advising & Orientation, please complete the Special Accommodations Form at least 20 business dates before the first day of your A&O session. All of our pre-recorded content will contain closed captions, however, real-time captioning will need to be requested to ensure accuracy during live portions of your A&O.  

Priority Registration 

Priority Registration is an accommodation through the Disability Resources for Student's office that gives eligible undergraduate students access to register for courses on the earliest possible date. Graduate or professional students who may need access to earlier registration should work with their DRS Coordinator and program/department to coordinate that.

Current/continuing students approved for priority registration are able to register for courses on the first day of Period I registration. New/incoming students approved for this accommodation will not be able to register before their Advising & Orientation session but will have priority registration activated for them in the following quarters. Priority registration does not exempt the student from other course registration restrictions such as prerequisites, membership in the department/program, class enrollment limits, primary campus assignment, etc. Learn more about priority registration on the DRS website

Rental Equipment 

Please note that the University of Washington and First Year Programs does not provide medical equipment on campus, including, but not limited to wheelchairs or golf carts. We can, however, direct you to the appropriate resources. Many of these external resources require at least ten (10) business days to process a request, so please plan accordingly. You can visit the Special Services website for more information about places to rent equipment such as wheelchairs.  

Commonly Used Buildings 

Primary First Year Program event buildings are listed below. There will be both large and small classroom settings. Amplified sound and technology are used. Each building can be found on UW Maps

Please note: Advising & Orientation is taking place remotely. 

Personal Aid/Assistant 

If you are planning to bring a personal aid/assistant to a First Year Program event, please fill out the special accommodations form above. Overnight accommodations specifically at A&O and parking at all events must be reserved separately.  

Accessible Parking

If you are planning to drive to campus, UW Transportation Services provides more information on accessible parking permits. Permits are required of all vehicles parked on campus Monday through Friday (6 a.m.9 p.m.) and Saturdays (7 a.m.12 p.m.). For more information, visit the Transportation Services website regarding gatehouse locations and permit costs.  

Disability Services Office 

The Disability Services Office (DSO) works to create an accessible and inclusive environment at the University of Washington. This office provides campus-wide resources such as interpreters (sign language, oral, and tactile), real-time captioning, and resources for UW departments. 

Disability Resources for Students 

Disability Resources for Students (DRS) is where eligible students begin the process of filing for accommodations during the academic school year. Students with temporary or permanent physical, health, learning, sensory, or psychological disabilities may be eligible to work with the office to establish appropriate services for the individual. Please go to their site to begin this filing process or to log in to an existing account. We recommend that you begin this process at least 30 business days before the start of the academic quarter. 

Disability Services Office
4300 Roosevelt Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105

Disability Resources for Students
Mary Gates Hall, Rm. 011 
206-543-8924 (Voice & Relay)
206-616-8379 (Fax)