Technology Instructions for A&O

Log into your UW Zoom account

UW Zoom Login

Before your A&O, please log into your UW Zoom Account: 

  1. Make sure your device is Zoom compatible by reviewing Zoom system requirements
  2. Go to zoom.us/download to make sure you have the latest version on your device.
  3. UW students have access to a free Zoom account. Logging in to Zoom software with your UW Zoom account is required to join your A&O session. See instructions about how to log in to Zoom software with your UW Zoom account. 
  4. If you would like to test your technology (video & audio) beforehand with Zoom, follow this link to "Join a Test Meeting": https://zoom.us/test.
  5. Make sure to connect to audio and/or video.
  6. We highly encourage students to add pronouns when in a Zoom meeting. Instructions on how to set up pronouns on Zoom can be found here
  7. Click on the red button at the bottom right corner to exit the meeting at the end.