Technology for Family Orientation

Zoom Instructions (log-in by computer)

Technical Support: Text or Call (206) 207-5564.

Family Orientation is hosted on Zoom and contains pre-recorded videos and live presentations. 

  1. Visit zoom.us to create an account using your personal email address (or sign in to an existing account).

  2. In some cases, the system may ask you to sign in again. Please do so by using the account you created.

  3. The meeting/webinar will open in a new window - your microphone and camera will be turned off upon your entry.

  4. For the live webinars, there are 3 functions: Q&A, Raise Hand, and Chat. Use these functions to ask questions to the presenters, participate in polls, and communicate issues with orientation staff.

Helpful Links

Have the following links open when participating in webinars. Speakers will refer to pages in these guides throughout the live Q&A and live webinar sessions.