First Year Programs

Communicating with First Year Students

We have several ways that we communicate with students.

Want to stay connected to students and provide alternate options for engagement? Consider requesting a personal phone number and enhance your communication plan. 

Review User Agreement & Request a Number

UAA & OMA&D Adviser Guide

Opt-In Interest List
When students reserve a space during A&O, they can opt into various topic areas to “learn more.” The students will give consent for you to contact them directly. 

Opt - In List

Run Bi-Portal Report 
If you need ongoing communication with first-year students consider requesting access and running your own Bi-Portal report. This will give you the most up to date information. 

Bi-Portal Report

Communications Overall
A majority of our communications take place through our #newhuskies strategy. View our approach, template examples, and ways to enhance your message through newsletters to new parents and students.  

Review the Communication Plan

Event Support: Reserve Meeting/Webinar Zoom 
Hosting an event and need a virtual space? Connect with our team and reserve a webinar or meeting room. 

Zoom Reservation