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Opt-In Interest List (Academic/Career/Student Success/First Year Networks)

When students reserve a space during A&O, they have the option to opt into various topic areas to “learn more.” The students will give consent for you to contact them directly. Please understand the following: 

  • Students might still be deciding about coming to the UW, so you might see students drop off as enrollment summer continues.
  • It is best to download the list and then manipulate the data on your own. You will want to manage your list of who you have emailed and keep a tracking system.
  • You can choose which columns you want to see at the top of the page and then sort using the headers.
  • You will need to access the list since it contains student personal information. To request access, please complete the FYP Request Form 

If you have additional questions about excel or pivot tables, please do not hesitate to reach out to LeAnne (

Note: Our system has reset for the new calendar year, and there is currently limited student data in the Opt-In Interest List. For the most recent data, please view the archived list.

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Form to Request Access to Current Quarter Opt-In List 

View archive lists from previous years (email for access). 

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List Categories 

Academic/Career Interests
Students select areas of interest from the list below to receive further information from campus departments:

Signature Experience and Student Success Topics
Students select topics below to receive further information about opportunities and events throughout your first year:

First-year Networks
Get connected with a First-year Network during your first quarter! Networks will kick-off at Dawg Daze and continue to connect throughout the quarter by attending campus events, RSO meetings, and more. By indicating interest First Year Programs will reach out to you with plans for Dawg Daze and beyond. Learn more on our First-year Networks page.

Additional Question: I'm interested in learning more about a First-Year Network Program. Select yes or no