First Year Programs

How to Email Faculty & Staff

As a student at the University of Washington, engaging with faculty and staff is key to your academic journey. 

Email Essentials

When communicating via email, please include the following four elements:  

  • Subject Line: Your email’s subject line is the first impression. Make it informative to convey the message’s subject or urgency.

  • Introduction: Begin with a formal or semi-formal greeting. Introduce yourself, stating your name, class, or connection to the recipient, setting a professional tone for your correspondence.

  • Content Clarity: Ensure your email is free from grammatical errors and clearly states your questions or concerns. Avoid slang and ensure academic appropriateness.

  • Concise Closing: End with a polite closing statement, reiterating any requests or important details, followed by your name.

Please remember to email from your university email.  

Example Email

  Correct  Incorrect
Example 1
Dear Professor Husky,

I'm Sarah Gold from your Spanish 101 class. I have questions about yesterday's topics and would like to discuss them during office hours. Your syllabus mentions office hours are by appointment. Could we meet Monday between 9-11:30 am, or Wednesday 2-4 pm? If not, please suggest alternative times.

Thank you, Sarah Gold
HI, can u tell me ur office hours time? sg
Example 2
Hello, Professor Wong.

My name is Harry, and I am requesting an add code for ENGL 999: Husky Dawgs, Section A and AA. I am very interested in the dog breeding process. The course notes state that I should email you.  What are the next steps? 

Thank you, Harry 

Hey Professor, the time schedule says I need an add code for your class, can you send me one?