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Dawg Daze Accessibility Guide

Welcome! This guides provides sensory information for key Dawg Daze events. Dawg Daze will take place September 20-29, 2023, and is a great way to discover resources, get familiar with important campus landmarks, and connect with UW staff and other UW students.  

There are over 500 events during Dawg Daze. Many key events are held outdoors. As in the case with most outdoor spaces and events, it can sometimes be difficult to predict the sensory environment as a result of weather, natural smells, and the volume of attendees at any given event. This guide will provide an overview of sensory information for program areas for each key event. 

Accommodations can be requested for all events on campus. All events held in classrooms are accessible. Off campus events are up to the participant’s discretion. Contact information for most events can be found on the Dawg Daze All Events webpage under “Contact”. 

Please visit our webpage,, for general information about Dawg Daze. More accessibility information can be found at Information about getting around campus can be found at


Dawg Daze has identified the following events as the key events: Husky History Exploration, One Bus Away (Fremont, Ballard, Capitol Hill, & Seattle Center), Quad Flicks: Mystery Movie, Late Night Carnival, Dub’s Challenge, New Husky Welcome Day: Convocation & Husky Kickoff, How to Succeed in Writing Courses, Fall Fling, HUB Crawl, Dawg Daze Goes to the Mariners, and the Student Activities Fair.  

Full details of these and all other events can be found on the Dawg Daze All Events webpage.