First Year Programs

General Prize and Award Disbursement

Congratulations on winning a prize or an award. We are grateful to our sponsors, who provide funding to support student success and several of our prizes. 

Prize Pick-Up: Please come to First Year Programs office, Mary Gates Hall 120, to claim your prize.  


  1. Textbook Award: You will receive a pre-loaded Husky Card with a set dollar amount if you receive a textbook award. 
    1. You can use the card at the following locations, including the UW Book Store. 
    2. The card will expire - see the date on the card, so please ensure that you use the funds before the expiration date.
  2. Student Account Distribution: If you have received an email notification about an award disbursed to your student account, please note the following: 
    1. We will check with financial aid to ensure you can receive the funds on your account.  
    2. We have applied the award to your student account in the student database. 
    3. You can see the award by going to your account. Navigate to the "accounts" and then the "tuition and fees" section
    4. Choose "tuition statement
    5. You will then see the award - it will have FYP in the description. If you don't see it please let us know. 
    6. To receive your award, you will have to set up a direct deposit, or if you have a local address, you can request a check from student fiscal services