First Year Programs

Standalone FIGs

All Standalone FIGs offer a great option for students who want to build a small community but maintain flexibility in their schedule! 

General Stand Alone FIG: A general stand-alone FIG allows you the flexibility to tailor your schedule to the classes that you would like while still being able to take GEN ST 199 & obtain useful knowledge, resources, and skills revolving around your first year at UW and beyond as an incoming Freshman or Transfer first-year student. 

Themed Stand Alone FIG: Themed stand-alone FIGs follow all the same procedures & have the same curriculum as a general stand-alone FIG, however, they have an overarching theme. The theme is another added layer that can help the foster community even more based on common interests! While the theme may show up at times & provide for something that students can all connect over, it will not be the primary focus of the material or resources. For example, a themed stand-alone FIG about exploring Washington outdoors may have warm up activities about state parks, hiking, etc, but the class will not focus solely on those topics.

  • Autumn 2023 Sections 
    • GEN ST 199 L1 - Out of State Dawgs: Are you new to the UW AND Washington? Come form a community with out out-of-state first year students, learn about everything the UW has to offer, while also learning about ways to explore Seattle!