First Year Programs

What Is A FIG?

  • Community
    • A FIG IS a small academic community that fosters a welcoming environment where students are able to participate in activities and discussions to get to know each other. FIG courses facilitate small group learning and create the opportunity to form study groups outside of class.
    • A FIG IS NOT social time. Students must take the initiative to participate in activities during class where they meet and actively engage with other students. 
  • Peer Educator
    • A Peer Educator IS a mentor for you GEN ST 199 course. These upperclassmen have experiences and advice to share with students in regards to academics, involvement, and much more!
    • A Peer Educator IS NOT a tutor for your clustered classes. Although the FIG Leader may have taken the clustered courses, FIG Leaders are not expected to teach material from the connected courses. They will be able to provide resources and study techniques corresponding to those courses.
  • Skill Development
    • A FIG IS a place you will learn skills to enhance your college experience. GEN ST 199 is structured around topics such as social issues, diversity, academic planning, time management, financial planning, campus resources, career & major exploration, and a variety of others. 
    • A FIG IS NOT a place you will receive busy work. Every assignment is in place to teach students in the FIG a meaningful skill or to learn new aspects of our community (UW and Seattle) and support your first-year transition. 
  • Assignments
    • A FIG IS a place to explore professional pathways and the greater Seattle community. All GEN ST 199 assignments are crafted with care to allow students to gain optimal benefit, from interviewing alumni to exploring different areas of Seattle. 
    • A FIG IS NOT a study hall. Students are not given time to work on non-FIG material during the GEN ST 199 course. Class time will be spent on specific topics, not on homework for various other classes. 
  • Expectations 
    • A FIG IS a helping hand with the transition into the university. A FIG helps students understand the UW expectations, what a student can expect while at the UW, and how to take active steps towards maximizing your educational experiences. 
    • A FIS IS NOT a GPA booster or easy A. Students do not automatically pass this course, they must actively participate in class and finish assignments to the best of their ability, and on time.