First Year Programs

FIG Grade Appeals

The grade appeal process for First-year Interest Group (FIG) courses is the same as the University-wide appeal process:

Step 1: A student who believes that their instructor was wrong in the assignment of a grade, or who believes a grade recording error or omission has occurred, shall first discuss the matter with the instructor (FIG Leader) before the end of the following academic quarter (not including Summer Quarter.)

Step 2: If a student is not satisfied with the instructor's explanation, the student, no later than ten days after their discussion with the instructor, may submit a written appeal to the FIG Program ( Within ten calendar days, the FIG Program will consult with the instructor to ensure that the evaluation of the student's performance has not been arbitrary or without reason. Should the FIG Program believe the instructor's conduct to be arbitrary or without reason and the instructor declines to revise the grade, the FIG Program will set up an appeal meeting with a student to discuss their grade. After, the meeting a final decision will be made about the students grade in the course 

Step 3: Once a student submits a written appeal, this document and all subsequent actions on this appeal are recorded.

Please note: For questions regarding satisfactory progress and financial aid, learn more on the Undergraduate SAP Policy website

University Wide Grade Appeal Procedure

Any questions can be directed to the FIG Program via or by calling the First Year Programs Office 206.543.4905.