First Year Programs

Zoom Settings for A&O

Thank you for hosting an A&O session in your personal Zoom account provided by the University of Washington. Please follow the steps below to prepare your account for hosting an A&O session. We recommend you complete the following using the Zoom Web browser rather than the Zoom desktop app. 

Zoom Recording Instructions

Step 1 - Update Zoom Settings

  • Sign in to the Zoom web browser using your UW NetID and password:
  • Select Settings from the navigation menu on the left side of the screen.
  • Using the table below, update your settings to work with our systems and processes for A&O.




Security Waiting Room On
Security Require a passcode when scheduling new meetings Off
Security Only authenticated meeting participants and webinar attendees can join meetings and webinars On
Security Meetings & Webinar Authentication Options:
Anyone with a Zoom account
Set to Default
Security Only authenticated users can join meetings from Web client On
Schedule Meeting Allow participants to join before host On
Schedule Meeting Mute all participants when they join a meeting On
In Meeting (Basic) Chat On
In Meeting (Basic) New meeting chat experience > Enable screenshot feature in meeting chat, emoji reactions On
In Meeting (Basic) Meeting chat - Direct messages On
In Meeting (Basic) Send files via meeting chat On
In Meeting (Basic) Co-host On
In Meeting (Basic) Meeting Polls/Quizzes, allow alternative host to add or edit polls and quizzes On
In Meeting (Basic) Show Zoom windows during screen share On
In Meeting (Basic) Screen sharing On
In Meeting (Basic) How many participants can screen share at the same time? One
In Meeting (Basic) Who can screen share? Host Only
In Meeting (Basic) Allow removed participants to rejoin Off
In Meeting (Basic) Hide participant profile pictures in a meeting Off
In Meeting (Basic) Q&A in meetings On
In Meeting (Basic) Meeting Reactions On
In Meeting (Basic) Allow participants to rename themselves On
In Meeting (Advanced) Breakout room On
In Meeting (Advanced) Breakout room options Select all 
In Meeting (Advanced) Manual captions, all options On
In Meeting (Advanced) Automated captions On
In Meeting (Advanced) Full transcript On
In Meeting (Advanced) Virtual background On
In Meeting (Advanced) Allow livestreaming of meetings Off
Email Notification Notify host when cloud recording is available On
Email Notification Options 1 & 3: send a copy to person who scheduled meeting, notify when audio transcription available On
Email Notification Option 2: Send a copy to the Alternative Hosts Off


Step 2 - Schedule Your Meeting

  • Sign in to the Zoom web browser using your UW NetID and password:
  • Select Meetings from the navigation menu on the left side of the screen.
  • Select the Schedule a Meeting button on the top right side of the screen.
  • Use the following information to schedule your meeting:
    • Topic for staff: A&O Meeting: Office Name (e.g. A&O Meeting: Psychology Advising)
    • Topic for Orientation Leaders: A&O: OL Name, OL Connection Group (e.g. A&O: Emma M, OL Connection Group)
    • Skip: When, Duration & Time Zone
    • Select: Recurring Meeting
    • Recurrence: No Fixed Time
    • Meeting ID: Generate Automatically
    • Security: Select Waiting Room
    • Security: Select Require Authentication to join
    • Require authentication to join: Select "Anyone with a Zoom account" (UW NetID not required)
    • Audio:
      • Select both telephone and computer audio
      • Choose "Select All" for global dial-in countries/regions
    • Options: Select Show
    • Options: Select Allow participants to join anytime
    • Options: Select Mute participants upon entry

Step 3 - Add/Update Alternative Hosts

  • Alternative Hosts (for all A&O meetings): From the bottom of tab 1. (Zoom) in the A&O Presenter List, copy & paste the following emails into the Alternative Hosts field: FYP Professional Staff, FYP Student Coordinators, and FYP Orientation Leaders.  
    • Note: It is recommended that you update your alternative hosts in the Zoom web portal
  • Alternative Hosts (for departments): Alternative hosts can automatically start the meeting in your absence and help with hosting duties. Add the UW email addresses of anyone in your department who will be facilitating an A&O session.

Step 4 - Enable and Turn on Live Captions

  • In your Zoom settings under "In Meeting (Advanced)" make sure that closed captions are on. You can choose whether you want to allow participants to save captions. 
  • When you start your meeting please select "CC" to turn on live captions during your presentation. 

Step 5 - Enable Q&A in Meetings

  • In your Zoom settings under "In Meeting (Basic)" make sure that Q&A in meetings are on.

Step 6 - Make sure NetID Authentication is turned off

  • To prevent students and family members participating in Family Orientation from having difficulties accessing your Zoom room, please make sure that your NetID authentication is turned off when creating your recurring link. 
  • Navigate to "Meetings & Webinar Authentication Options" under Security Settings. Turn this setting on, and set "Anyone with a Zoom account" as the default authentication option.