First Year Programs

Recruitment Resources

Support us in recruiting the newest cohorts of Orientation & FIG Leaders! 

  • Nominate! Have someone in mind that might be good for the Orientation or FIG Leader roles? Complete this form to nominate them and they will get a nomination email with information about applying: 
  • Quick Paragraph: Include in a newsletter or email communication! 
     First Year Programs is currently recruiting for First-year Interest Group (FIG) Leaders and Orientation Leaders! Both positions work with new students to help them get connected to the UW community and navigate UW resources. Open to all students / Applications are due Monday, January 29, 2024 at 8 AM (PT).  
    If you are interested in applying or would like tto learn more or attend a Q&A: visit for more information or email us at
  • Slide for Class & Office Presentations: Show at the beginning of the class or meeting! 
  • Links for Social Media: Visit our First Year Programs Instagram account for content that can be reshared on your own accounts! 
  • Images: Downloadable high-quality images in the side bar! (*Will be updated soon!) 
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