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A&O Modules + Husky/Parent & Family Guides

Please reach out to your FYP staff liaison to consult about how to best communicate your content. Contact if you are unsure who to contact. 

Differences Between First Year Resources

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Access and Timeline 

We are excited to launch A&O Program Modules and Husky/Parent & Family Guide based on the following timeline: 

Husky/Parent & Family Guide & FY Checklist 

  • January 19 - February 2: Campus Partner Content Editing #1 
  • February 3 - February 9: FYP makes Changes 
  • February 12 - February 26: Campus Partner Content Editing #2 
  • February 27 - March 1: FYP Makes Final Changes.
  • March 1: Guide Available online - 
  • April 11: Go to print 


  • Review the A&O Modules Campus Partner Guide for additional information 
  • Feb 5th - March 1: Campus Partner Content Editing #1 
  • March 1 - March 29: FYP Makes Changes
  • April 1 - April 19: Campus Partner Content Editing #2 
  • April 22 - May 16: FYP Makes Final Changes 
  • May 17th: Modules Launch 

Review the A&O Modules

The following links are designed for UW staff members to review the content in the modules. Use an incognito or private window to view these sample courses.

Students should access the A&O modules using the following link: in order to sign in with their UW NetID and get credit for the requirement. Accessing the links below will not track student progress & may result in course registration delays.

If you have an individual account in advantage design select the following link: