First Year Programs

Why share your pronoun?

First Year Programs is invested in making sure the UW is a welcoming place for all community members. In addition to sharing our pronouns when we introduce ourselves, we also identify the pronouns we use by including pronouns on our name tags or by wearing pronoun buttons.

People naturally ask us about the way we introduced ourselves or why we wear our pronoun buttons. Starting a dialogue about the importance of pronouns can be informative and powerful. Below are some brief explanations we use to explain why it's important to share pronouns:

  • I share mine because I don’t want anyone to feel unsafe or unwelcome and I think this helps.
  • I think that sharing my pronouns helps everyone feel included and respected.
  • Sharing my pronouns helps make the UW a more welcoming place for people of all genders.
  • I want to make sure that everyone gets my name and pronouns right every time; I also want to make sure I get everyone else’s right, too!
  • I believe it’s more respectful not to assume someone’s gender based on how I think they look. I’m sharing mine so that you won’t have to assume either!
  • I really appreciate that you asked! I share mine because I am an active ally.
  • I share mine because I am proud to be trans, and having the chance to share my pronouns at work is phenomenal!
  • I share them because I think this helps to create a more positive environment for all people who live, work, visit and learn here at the UW.
  • Thanks for asking! I share my pronouns because the University of Washington has a Campus Pride Index of 5 out of 5 stars and I want to keep it that way!