First Year Programs

First-year student expectations

The University of Washington expects you to be a responsible member of our community. That includes contributing to the pursuit of academic goals, and to the welfare of the UW community. Through the Student Conduct Code, Huskies hold themselves to the highest standards of ethics, integrity, and accountability.

Academic integrity

You will receive an education that emphasizes the power of discovery and the foundation of critical and analytical thinking. We expect you to practice high standards of academic and professional honesty and integrity as defined in Student Conduct  Code WAC 478-121-107. In doing so, you will be part of a vibrant intellectual community striving for academic excellence. Huskies have integrity.

Academic engagement 

Throughout your UW experience, we hope you’ll continue your curiosity for learning. Your academic success will not only enhance your knowledge but will unlock opportunities and open doors for the future. To be successful, instructors expect you to commit yourself to being present and engaged both in the classroom and with outside studies, assignments, and activities. There are an incredible number of staff and resources available and waiting to support your journey, and we expect you as a student to ask for help when you need it.

Co-curricular involvement

Your academics are an important part of your time at the UW, but they are only one part of the complete picture. We expect you to engage in co-curricular involvement, which can include part-time jobs, internships, community service opportunities, tutoring students at a local elementary school, getting involved with research and more.These experiences add depth to your academic experience and will help you tell your story once you graduate.

Ethical conduct

You will find yourself in unique situations that require you to act ethically and with the utmost integrity. We expect that you hold not only yourself, but also your peers, to the highest standards of ethical conduct and consider a variety of perspectives when making decisions.

Community and Compassion 

You are joining a community with a longstanding and growing commitment to equity, inclusion, and diversity. We expect you to be aware of your own biases and seek to understand many perspectives and individuals’ narratives. In doing so, you’ll be contributing to an academic environment that benefits everyone on UW campuses. 

You will experience many ways to make connections and build your own community and network of support. Huskies expect each other to be active and engaged in helping to foster a community for themselves and others.