First Year Programs

Student Coordinators: A&O Program (2)

The Student Coordinators (StuCos) for Advising & Orientation (A&O) work as part of a collaborative team of professional staff, student coordinators, student assistants, and other student leaders to foster a meaningful first-year experience at the University of Washington. There are two open positions: StuCo for A&O Programs Purple Track and StuCo for A&O Programs Gold Track. 

Both StuCos serve as paraprofessionals in the development and facilitation of Advising & Orientation programs and the recruitment, selection, training, and supervision of the Orientation Leader staff. StuCos also supports other FYP programs as needed. Together as a team, we provide high-quality education, support, and transition resources to nearly 8,500 first-year students, including transfer and international students.

Summary of Work 

Together, both StuCos for A&O will (25% Admin): 

  • Coordinate and support OL Staffing, Training Week(s), Briefs, and Communication for all Quarterly A&O Programs (Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer Admits). 
    • Winter and Spring A&O - Train OLs, send out emails 
    • Staff Winter and Spring A&O Sessions ( for dates)
  • Support in the selection of the Orientation Leader team including recruitment info sessions, application review, interview support, and the selection process. 
  • Create an OL staff development & engagement calendar for the summer quarter (debrief reflection questions, mid-summer evals, husky pups, secret OL, end-of-summer celebration, campus-partner thank you, etc.) 
    • Attend OL events planned in the engagement plan if possible i.e. OL Dinners etc. 
  • Manage the email inbox and various FYP Mongoose texting numbers 
  • Utilize and build technical and administrative skills/tasks within Microsoft Office, Google Suite, Zoom, Visual Zen, and other internal UW databases/ systems 
  • Prepare presentations and present at various public events including at FYP info sessions, FYE Student Advisory Council, etc. 
  • Cross-train incoming A&O Student Coordinators Autumn Quarter after the summer. 
  • Other FYP duties as assigned include but not limited to: reviewing websites and providing feedback, processing evaluation data, representing FYP at UW wide events.

StuCo for A&O Programs: Purple will:

  • Help develop the Academic Support OL Tracks for all A&O programs. (5%)
  • Lead OL staffing and scheduling including building and auditing OL sheets, Presenter List, and Workday Hours for all Quarterly A&O programs taking into account OL vacations and calling out processes in coordination with ProStaff. (60%)
  • Provide Additional Support (10%)
    • Support and assist the StuCo for A&O Programs: Gold track in their tasks and projects 
    • Support Gen St 347 grading 
    • Will serve on FYE Student Advisory Council

StuCo for A&O Programs: Gold will: 

  • Help develop the Connection Group OL track for all A&O programs. (5%)
  • Primary support for the curriculum team in developing and carrying out GEN ST 347 (OL Training Course). Including but not limited to:  (60%)
    • Give feedback to Program Manager on assignments, build out Canvas site, develop weekly lesson plans/modules, facilitate classes (including make-up classes), track participation, grade and manage assignments, communicate with OLs
    • The Student Coordinator is not required to enroll in Gen St 347 but we ask that you hold space to attend the class as part of work hours.
  • Provide Additional Support (10%)
    • Support and assist the StuCo for A&O: Purple track in their tasks and projects
    • Facilitate 1:1 make up sessions for students who need accommodations during Winter and Spring A&O.

Required Qualifications

  • Full-time, degree-seeking, undergraduate student on the Seattle campus
  • Enrolled in at least 12 credits in spring quarter (Spring Quarter graduates are eligible to apply)
  • Enrolled in no more than 5 credits in summer quarter
  • Good academic and conduct standing prior to and throughout the entire term of employment.
  • Must be available to work Autumn Quarter 2023 - Autumn Quarter 2024. 

Preferred Qualifications

  • Highly organized and detail-oriented, must be flexible and able to work in a fast-paced environment.
  • Experience crafting detailed written communication that is accessible to various audiences
  • Ability to remain curious, intentionally reflect, and generate creative suggestions
  • Receptive to balancing several points of feedback, okay with public edits
  • Flexible when working on collaborative and independent projects
  • Willingness to seek help and ask questions
  • Ability to collaborate with StuCo team over long-term projects
  • Thorough understanding of how to build community within a team
  • Experience working with FYP as a student employee, peer educator, or volunteer
  • Experience and skills working with Microsoft Office and Google Drive, specifically Excel/Sheets


Applications are currently closed.