First Year Programs

Position Overview, Candidate Info & Requirements

  • FIG Leaders develop a ten-week curriculum in the spring quarter consisting of modules, lesson plans, and active learning classroom activities that will assist first-year students in their transition to university.
  • In the autumn quarter, FIG Leaders facilitate a section of GEN ST 199, by serving as a teacher and a mentor to the students in the FIG.
  • FIG Leaders collaborate with each other to develop lesson plans that help fulfill the purpose of GEN ST 199 and support new students as they develop confidence in navigating the UW and Seattle.

If offered the role, I will adhere to the following (See FIG Leader Policies & Expectations for date details):  

  1. I will attend the FIG Leader Welcome Night
  2. I have time blocked on my academic calendar to enroll in & attend one of the sections of GEN ST 270/470 (3 credits) in Spring Quarter. 
  3. I have blocked my calendar to attend FIG Leader Community Day. 
  4. I have blocked my calendar to complete 5-10 hours of Self-Guided Prep in September.
  5. I have blocked my calendar to attend the Pre-Quarter Meeting in September, in person on the UW Seattle campus. 
  6. I have blocked my calendar to attend Connection Group Meetings & Husky Kick-off in September. 
  7. I understand that I will be teaching one 50-minute section of the GEN ST 199 course in Autumn Quarter. (Scheduling of that 50-min time will occur during the Spring Quarter)
  8. I understand that in addition to teaching my GEN ST 199 course, I will enroll in one 50-min section of the GEN ST 270/470 course (3 credits) in Autumn Quarter.