First Year Programs

UW360 Features FYP

October 12, 2016

First Year Programs was recently featured on UW360 on UWTV! Our office appears in Season 6 Episode 3 among other topics including improving the lives of individuals in wheelchairs, sustainability, female students in computer science, and the new UW volleyball coach.

UWTV is the not-for-profit, public television station of the University of Washington – highlighting the world-changing medical breakthroughs, scientific innovations, social science research, world-class artists, outstanding students and amazing athletes that are emerging from the UW every day. UWTV is available in Washington state on Comcast cable channel 320 (HD) and 27 and streams live on There is also a video archive on their website, a YouTube channel and an Amazon Fire app.

LeAnne Jones-Wiles, Director of First Year Programs, and a number of students are featured in the UW360 episode. The episode begins by describing the diverse population of students attending the UW and then transitions into the idea of the Husky Experience. LeAnne states that the Husky Experience is loosely defined because it is unique to every student, and then a variety of students weigh in on what the UW and their experience means to them.

You can view the episode from April 18th, 2016 here.