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Former Student Coordinator Helps Pilot New App

April 22, 2016
Photo of Peter

Former Student Coordinator for Orientation, Peter Kechemet, along with two other students have created an app that will facilitate a trade between two individuals with unwanted gift cards. The app will eventually be able to swap gift cards for cash. The app is called CardSwapper and will launch on April 22, 2016. See the Daily Article here

FYP student staff are known for their involvement not only in FYP, but throughout the university. Though Kechemet may no longer be an FYP student staff member, he has continued his involvement on campus. Him and his team utilized the Foster School of Business to find mentors who could help give insight through the process of creating their own app. FYP would like to congratulate Peter Kechemet and his team on the launch of their new app, CardSwapper.