First Year Programs

FIG 30th Article and Study

June 22, 2018

This year, First Year Programs celebrated the 30th anniversary of First-Year Interest Groups, formerly known as Freshman Interest Groups. To mark the occasion, we hosted an event marked by lively conversations between attendees led by FIG leaders, a faculty panel discussion and a presentation of a recent study that demonstrates the FIG program’s impact on undergraduate student persistence through to graduation.

Results of the research showed that students who participated in FIGs have a higher chance of re-enrollment compared to their counterparts: 94% of students who participated in FIGs re-enrolled the following quarter, 3% higher than those not in FIGs.

This trend was also reflected in graduation rates; those who participated in the FIG program saw a 6% increase in the likelihood of graduating within 6 years. The greatest impact was shown with underrepresented student demographics.

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